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The minor is perfect for students in another course of study who have a professional or intellectual interest in film and television. Minors take the five foundational courses plus three upper-division electives of their choice.

Five lower-division courses (15 units total):

FTV 100A Film and Television History, Beginnings to Mid-20th Century
FTV 100B Film and Television History, Mid-20th Century to the Present
FTV 200 Film & Television Aesthetics
FTV 210 Introduction to Production Practices
FTV 270 Introduction to Film and Television Industries

Courses are not offered every semester. In Fall and Spring semesters these courses are only available through departmental registration (not through UAccess), to currently declared FTV majors and minors.

Three upper-division courses (9 units total):

Advanced Standing in FTV is required for any student to take upper-division FTV courses.  Advanced Standing requires: (1) completion of all five lower-division courses, and (2) a minimum cumulative UA GPA of 2.5.

Choose three courses from this list:

FTV 308 Survey of Film and Television Law and Regulation
FTV 309 History of the Documentary
FTV 310 Idea Development
FTV 311A Cinematography
FTV 313 Experimental Production Practices
FTV 314A Documentary Production
FTV 315A Fiction Production
FTV 317A Sound Design for Film and Television Production
FTV 318 Editing Fundamentals
FTV 325 (or GER 325) History of German Cinema
FTV 326 Television Aesthetics and Criticism
FTV 335 Topics in Film and Television Studies
FTV 356 World Cinemas
FTV 360 Theories of Film and Television
FTV 364 Writing the Short Screenplay
FTV 367 Directing for the Screen
FTV 370 U.S. Film & Television Now
FTV 372 Film Programming & Exhibition
FTV 375 Television and U.S. Culture
FTV 376 Media Market Research
FTV 400 (or ENGL 400) Themes in Literature and Film
FTV 404 Topics in Film & TV Production
FTV 422 Visual Effects History
FTV 423 Representation of Gender in the Media
FTV 434 Issues in Film and Television Industries
FTV 453 Screen Artists
FTV 456 Race, Gender & Class in Film and Television
FTV 460 Screen Narratives
FTV 465 Film Styles and Genres
FTV 478 Creative Media Advertising
FTV 479 International Film and TV Business
FTV 496B Special Topics
FTV 497G Editing
FTV 497I Film & Television Writing Workshop

Courses are not offered every semester. Many courses have prerequisites. Registration can be competitive. In Fall and Spring semesters most of these courses are only available through departmental registration (not through UAccess). Additional upper-division courses (not listed above) may be available to Film & Television minors each semester. See the Film & Television minor advisor for details.

To apply to the Film & TV Minor, see the Film & TV Minor admission website.