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Course Descriptions

Course descriptions may be found at the Course Descriptions website. Choose "T" then "TAR" for Theatre courses. Choose "F" then "FTV" for Film & Television courses. MOST COURSES ARE NOT OFFERED EVERY SEMESTER. See the Search for Classes website for current offerings.

The course numbering system at UA is as follows:

  • 100-299 Undergraduate level, lower division
  • 300-499 Undergraduate level, upper division
  • 500-999 Graduate level

Course Registration

Most TAR and FTV courses are NOT available via UAccess registration. In Fall and Spring semesters, only Film & Television majors and minors may take Film & Television (FTV) courses. Only Theatre majors and minors may take Theatre (TAR) courses. Exceptions include TAR 100, TAR 103, TAR 111, TAR 113, TAR 116, TAR 118, TAR 160D1, TAR 411, FTV 251, FTV 252, FTV 325, FTV 375 and FTV 400, which are available via UAccess registration to all UA students. In addition, TAR and FTV courses in Summer are available to all UA students.

Declared majors and minors in Theatre, Film & Television should follow the three-step process below to register for courses.

1. Priority Advising

Each semester, during September/October and February/March, students should meet in person with their advisor(s) about registration for courses for the following semester. Who is My Advisor?

Theatre students:  See your advisor(s) before the deadline listed in step 2 below.

Film & Television students:  See the Priority Advising schedule.

2. Departmental Registration

After you have met with your advisor(s), you must turn in your Registration Form (for TAR or FTV courses) by the specified deadline to the appropriate office (Theatre: Drama 239, Film & Television: Marshall 220). Only TAR or FTV courses requiring departmental registration should be on the form. The form is available in each office and downloadable here:

TAR Registration Form (a.k.a. "the blue form")

FTV Registration Form (a.k.a. "the green form")

For Fall 2017 registration, turn in your registration form by:

Wednesday March 8, 4:00pm:  Honors Jrs & Srs, Veterans, Student Athletes
Wednesday March 22, 4:00pm:  Seniors, Honors Fr & Soph
Wednesday March 29, 4:00pm:  Juniors
Wednesday April 5, 4:00pm:  Sophomores
Wednesday April 12, 4:00pm:  Freshmen

You will be registered for your TAR or FTV courses by 5:00pm on the Friday after your deadline. (This is the Friday before your UAccess registration, below.) If you are NOT registered for your TAR or FTV courses by this time, email the following person: for TAR, Christina Beasley;  for FTV, Marissa Owens.

3. UAccess Registration

After you turn in your Registration Form and have been registered for your TAR or FTV courses through the department, UAccess registration will become available to you on the following Monday at 6:00am. (Your UAccess registration time will be posted on your UAccess account during the priority registration period.) Register for your other (non-TAR or non-FTV) courses via UAccess during this time:

March 20-26:  Honors Jrs & Srs, Veterans, Student Athletes
March 27-April 2:  Seniors, Honors Fr & Soph
April 3-9:  Juniors
April 10-16:  Sophomores
April 17-23:  Freshmen

Beginning April 24th, all continuing students have UAccess registration until the first day of classes in August.