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Advisor Lists

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Acting & Musical Theatre

Design & Technology

Film & Television

Theatre Studies

Other Advisors

Major Advisors

Every student who is a major in the School of Theatre, Film & Television has at least two advisors:

BA students

  • a major advisor (to advise on major and general education coursework)
  • a minor advisor (to advise on minor coursework)

BFA students

  • a major advisor (to advise on major coursework)
  • a general education advisor (to advise on general education coursework)

Minor Advisors

Every student who has either a Theatre minor or a Film & Television minor has a minor advisor in the School of Theatre, Film & Television.

Advising Instructions

  • Advising appointments with your major advisor (except Prof. Yarnelle and Dr. Beasley) are made directly (in person or via email). Contact information may be found at the Faculty & Staff website.
  • Appointments with Prof. Yarnelle and Dr. Beasley are made through the "Wise Advising" online appointment scheduling system. (Do not contact the advisors directly to make an appointment.)
    * Theatre (schedule online here)
    * Film & Television (schedule online here)
  • During priority advising periods (September/October and February/March) appointments are filled quickly, so plan ahead and schedule early if possible.
  • Senior degree checks are not processed during the priority advising period.
  • Major advisors (except Dr. Beasley) are only available during Fall and Spring semesters when classes are in session. Advisors are not available during Summer and Winter Sessions, nor during breaks in classes (Spring Break, finals, etc.)
  • Dr. Beasley is available for undergraduate advising year-round, including summer.
  • Email and telephone advising are neither recommended nor encouraged.